JS Conf 2016 - 9.3-9.4
JS 盛会,规模在逐年扩大,值得关注。附演讲资料:egg - 企业级 node 框架 Node.js在线性能调优与故障排查
这里是知乎上的一些参会体验 https://www.zhihu.com/question/50244455。

百度世界大会 - AI is the new Electricity
这应该是科技含量最高的一届百度世界大会,AI 技术经多年持续投入已经初显锋芒。
相关资讯: 一图看懂百度世界大会如何评价百度开源的深度学习框架 Paddle。附:Paddle百度大脑


BrowserLab: Automated regression detection for the web
Time spent in browser rendering and scripting has grown to become a major bottleneck in loading facebook.com — at the beginning of 2016, we found that the majority of load time was spent on the client. To solve this problem, we set out to build a system capable of detecting changes in performance that can run on any commit to automatically prevent client regressions from shipping to production.
另外 Facebook 还推出了Zstandard 1.0, a new compression algorithm and implementation designed to scale with modern hardware and compress smaller and faster.

The Case for Custom Elements
In this post I want to make the case for why I think Custom Elements make sense, especially for large organizations. In Part 2 I will present a deeper dive on the features that make Custom Elements so compelling. I’ll also explore topics often overlooked when discussing Custom Elements, such as their ability to work with Virtual DOM and be rendered on the server.

JS MythBusters
The purpose of this handbook is to learn how to use JS language features without losing performance.

Three JavaScript performance fundamentals that make Bluebird fast
Bluebird is a widely used promise library for JavaScript which initially got noticed back in 2013 due to it being up to 100 times faster than other promise implementations with similar feature sets at the time. What makes Bluebird so fast is the consistent application of some JavaScript optimization fundamentals throughout the library. This article will go over in detail 3 of the most valuable fundamentals that were used to optimize Bluebird.

The State Of JavaScript: JavaScript Flavors
了解下 ES6, TypeScript, Elm, CoffeeScript, ClojureScript 的使用情况

JavaScript Garbage Collection Improvements - Orinoco
This article summarizes the three main effect of the new V8 upgrade (5.0) on JavaScript garbage collection.

Ohm: JavaScript Parser that Creates a Language in 200 Lines of Code
We’ll explore a new open source Javascript library called Ohm that makes building parsers easy and easier to reuse. In this series, we use Ohm to recognize numbers, build a calculator, and more. By the end of this series you will have created a complete programming language in under 200 lines of code. This powerful tool will let you do things that you might have thought impossible otherwise.

对于一个互联网企业,后端服务是必不可少的一个组成部分。抛开业务应用来说,往下的基础服务设施做到哪些才能够保证业务的稳定可靠、易维护、高可用呢?这盘文章针对这个问题给出了非常详细的解读。JS 正在承担越来越多的服务端应用开发,这个文章很有参考意义。

来自 ele 前端团队的经验。另附:来自腾讯互动娱乐前端重构组的 前端重构成长指南

[译] HTTP 推送
push 能用来做什么,以及它的缺点

4 Clever Psychology Rules for Making Better UX Decisions
Context is Everything in UX; Image Positioning Can Have Split User Attention; Avoid Drastic Redesigns – Use a Gradual and Subtle Approach; Use Fonts to Lighten Readers’ Moods;

Ways To Reduce Content Shifting On Page Load
Have you ever opened a website, started reading and, after some time had passed and all assets had finished loading, you found that you’ve lost your scroll position? I undergo this every day, especially when surfing on my mobile device on a slow connection — a frustrating and distracting experience. Any time a browser has to recalculate the positions of elements in a document, a reflow occurs which can affects performance and the user experience. How can these shifts be minimized?

Roadmap for learning the JavaScript language
If you’re new to JavaScript programming, all the buzzwords in the scene can make your head spin: ES6, Node.js, TypeScript, Angular, React, Aurelia. You’re wondering how are you going to tackle all of these technologies - even counting the number of different frameworks out there seems overwhelming. Here’s a roadmap for learning the JavaScript language.

看到了 ATS 悲剧的历史

iOS 符号表恢复 & 逆向支付宝
http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MjM5NTIyNTUyMQ==&mid=2709545175&idx=1&sn=1c080685fabf2f24269c6e544e9213d7 本文介绍了恢复符号表的技巧,并且利用该技巧实现了在 X