Wikimedia (The Folks Behind Wikipedia) Are Adopting Vue.js
Wikimedia will be using Vue for their future front-end development, but no, Wikipedia is not becoming an SPA! This post digs into the how and why of the decision, while on Twitter, Vue.js creator Evan You explains more from his side. Hacker News had a very busy thread on the topic too. 另附:You probably don’t need a single-page application.

Please consider not adopting Google WebComponents
Dear Web Developer(s), While, as a software developer ourselves, we understand very well that new features are exciting to use and integrate into your work, we ask that you please consider not adopting Google WebComponents in your designs. This is especially important if you are a web developer creating frameworks for websites to use. With Google WebComponents here we mean the use of CustomElements and Shadow DOM, especially when used in combination, and in dynamically created document structures (e.g. using module loading/unloading and/or slotted elements). 另附两个浏览器相关的:The reckless, infinite scope of web browsers, Things you can do with a browser in 2020.

How to do effective video calls
During 2011-2012 there was a small but significant revolution in how we worked at ThoughtWorks. When we needed to communicate while separated we used to do telephone meetings, but within a year the telephone disappeared and we started using video calls instead. As we got more comfortable with video, we took more opportunity to collaborate with video meetings rather than trying to get everyone together in one place. Now the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) has struck, a lot more people are getting acquainted with remote working and the video calls that come with them. So I thought I’d share some of things I, and my colleagues, have learned about doing them.

7.9.0 Released: Smaller preset-env output, Typescript 3.8 support and a new JSX transform
While preparing the Babel 8.0.0 release (in the next months), we just finished working on a new minor release which includes updates related to @babel/preset-env, TypeScript 3.8, Flow, and JSX!

An Interactive Introduction to AntV
AntV is an technology brand for data visualization. It contains multiple open-source JavaScript libraries to support visualization needs in various fields, including statistical charts, graph visualization, geospatial visualization and even automatic chart recommendation and generation. Tested by huge data business in Ant Financial Services Group and Alibaba Group, it can guarantee various data analysis scenarios. This notebook will introduce the capabilities of AntV in various aspects and show you related demos.

进无止境,AntV 统计图表 G2Plot 1.0 发布
G2Plot 是一个开箱即用、易于配置、体验优雅的统计图表库,致力于帮助用户以最小成本生成高质量统计图表。 G2Plot 最初诞生于阿里经济体 BI 产品真实场景的业务诉求。动态、高度不确定是 BI 产品和中台系统业务数据的一个普遍特征,而这种特征对统计图表的功能和体验提出了巨大的挑战。如何能够帮助报表系统和一线前端在复杂数据条件下快速高效地创建统计图表,同时保证图表在各种显示空间和数据状态下的可读性和可用性? 为解决这两个痛点问题,AntV 与 DeepInsight、QuickBI 和 FBI,阿里经济体三个优秀 BI 产品技术团队联手打造了 G2Plot。自去年 11 月发布 0.x 试用版后,G2Plot 经历了 20 多个小版本的迭代优化,图表类型已从最常用的 7 个扩展到 40 多个,在核心 BI 产品真实场景上线验证后终于带来 1.0 正式版。希望我们在数据可视化业务,特别是 BI 产品中的开发和设计经验能够帮助到更多用户轻松制作优雅的统计图表。

在所有的引子里, 我们已经准备了所有的论据,所以只需要:

  • 使用可以跨前后端的语言,构建领域模型
  • 将后端服务、前端设施细化为更小的组件
  • 设计 DSL 将领域模型转换到特定平台的代码

React Production Performance Monitoring
How to set up performance monitoring for production React applications. 另附:5 Recommended Tools for Optimizing Performance in ReactJS.

How to Use WordPress with React to Build a Modern Web App
WordPress REST API is a huge step forward for frontend developers looking to combine the power of JavaScript frameworks like React (or Vue.js) with WordPress. This is exactly what I want to do today with this demo of the WordPress REST API in the work. I’ll use WordPress as a backend, and the REST API to feed data into a React app.

CSS development started some 25 years ago. Originally the goal was to provide some good but simple typography for a single column of text with the occasional image. But the technology proved popular, and flexible enough that the scope could be made much wider. And since then the work of adding new capabilities hasn’t stopped. CSS now handles multiple columns, vertical text, diagonal text, layout for graphical user interfaces, image operations, animations, some key and mouse interaction, and more.

Neumorphism and CSS
Neumorphism (aka neomorphism) is a relatively new design trend and a term that’s gotten a good amount of buzz lately. It’s aesthetic is marked by minimal and real-looking UI that’s sort of a new take on skeuomorphism — hence the name. It got its name in a UX Collective post from December 2019, and since then, various design and development communities have been actively discussing the trend, usually with differing opinions.

Do You Really Understand the Viewport
If you are a web developer,